The Canino Designs team follows painstaking procedures to ensure that our products are of the upmost quality in safety and performance. Each wheel's creation begins by stamping the faces from a single piece of aluminum with a 1-million pound press before being put on a CNC machine to finish the face design. The process continues when the wheels are polished and brushed by hand before being assembled on the barrels. They are then machine-dialed and centered with a maximum tolerance of .009". This ensures a perfect 360 degrees.

In order to maintain the highest quality possible, each and every Canino Design wheel's testing and creation utilizes the latest in computer-aided engineering. Striving for perfection in every aspect of the craft, we employ detailed testing methods that ensure the strength and durability of our alloy wheels. We promise to never compromise on quality, with each of our designs complying with the industry recognized JWL standard. To detect any flaw, no matter how minute, we put our wheels under pressure tests in specially designed water tanks and x-ray scan them for hidden defects. Our entire craft and test process is designed with the customer in mind, and to ensure top quality and satisfaction.


Canino Design is the ultimate source for the highest quality in auto wheels, utilizing the latest in computer-aided engineering to create masterpiece wheels. American owned and operated, this alloy wheel company defines what it means to be a "family business". Canino prides itself on having some of the industry's most cutting edge styles in a variety of finishes, available in sizes ranging from 20-22 inches. Canino Design's ultra-quality alloy wheels emulate the highest in style and performance. Currently available designs include the CD10, CD5, and CD15 with five more styles being released in mid-2017. Canino products, crafted from forged barrels made of aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum, trump traditional cast wheels by introducing much lighter and stronger wheel concepts. Their two-piece design provides the functionality and durability of a multi-piece wheel while casting aside typical issues that those are subject to. >> Read More